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Brought to you by Drivetech 4x4, this article was published by Australian 4WD Action Magazine (Issue 259 - 2016). Words by Travis Annabel. Photography by 4WD Action. To download the full article, CLICK HERE.

Aussie terrain can be torture on your 4WD’s components, especially when you’re on a big trip. Here’s five spares every 4WD should carry.

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Fact – remote Aussie tracks can wreak havoc on your 4WD. Corrugations, washouts, bulldust, water crossings – all of these things will accelerate the wear and tear of your 4WD’s components.

The thing is, when you’re on a big trip or that lap around Oz, then you simply can’t avoid them. Heck, experiencing tracks like the Savannah Way, Gibb River Road and Old Tele Track are some of the main reasons we own 4WDs. So how do you prevent your big trip from coming to a sudden and inglorious end? Simple – preparation. 

When you’re on a big trip, the spare hardparts and components you carry could be the one thing that prevents damage caused by Aussie terrain ending your trip and costing you big bucks in recovery costs. Here’s five components you should carry in your 4WD when you head off on your next big trip.


This one’s almost a no-brainer, especially if you’re planning on hitting up some of the tougher tracks Australia has to offer – let’s face it, if you’ve been WDing for long enough, you’ll have definitely broken a CV at some point. Your CVs are subjected to incredible amounts of stress, especially when you’re running a suspension lift and bigger tyres, and if you don’t have a spare on hand, you could find yourself stranded with only two wheel drive. It pays to have quality CVs like these from Drivetech 4x4 on hand, should things go wrong.

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The first line of defence against worn uni joints on your tailshafts is pre-trip maintenance and daily checks while you’re in the bush. A quality uni joint will last for many kilometres as long as you keep them regularly greased and check them every day while you’re on the move.

However, due to the damage that mud and bulldust can do to uni joints, carrying spares is a smart choice, especially if you’re travelling for months on end.


Think about how far you’re travelling on your big trip – if you’re heading to the Kimberley, the Cape or the Simmo (or any other number of iconic destinations), then you’re guaranteed to be pulling big kilometres. It’s a smart idea to ensure that you’re running fresh brake pads or shoes before any big trip, however it’s also a good idea to carry spares, as you’ll be surprised how much brake pad wear is accelerated by bulldust, mud and other contaminants that you’ll almost certainly encounter on a big trip.

Additionally, if you’ve got a boat or camper trailer in tow, then your brakes are working especially hard, so carrying spares is really a no-brainer.


You should always be servicing your 4WD prior to any big trip, no exceptions. But what a lot of people don’t consider is how many kilometres they’re pulling on a big trip. A diesel 4WD that is driven regularly off-road should be serviced every 5,000km, and if you’re on a big trip then chances are you’re going to need to service your engine mid-journey.

The beautiful thing these days, is that suppliers like Drivetech 4x4 offer full service kits for 4WDs that take the leg-work out of sourcing service parts. Simply put, they offer kits that have everything you need to service your 4WD mid-trip – oil filter, fuel filters and air filters all specific to your 4WD in one handy kit. All you need to do is grab some oil, and it’s an easy hour job while you’re pulled up at camp.

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This is a component that a lot of people wouldn’t consider carrying, but you’d be surprised how often they actually need replacing while you’re on the tracks. It doesn’t take much for a radiator fan to break, and it’s actually a common occurrence during water crossings or when tackling deep mud holes. All it takes is for one blade to snap off and not only will your engine experience some nasty vibrations, but you’re cooling system could also find itself struggling.

Additionally, it’s wise to keep a close eye on your viscous fan – if there’s any sign that there’s damage to it, then you should consider replacing it before it actually breaks. It’s all too common for a fan to shatter and damage a radiator which could cause all kinds of headaches that you don’t want when you’re on a trip!

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You invest a lot of time and money into a big trip, so the last thing you’d want is for it to be ruined by an inferior component or hardpart.

Drivetech 4x4’s replacement parts and components meet or exceed OEM specifications,, which means they’re proven to go the distance. They’re also backed by a nationwide warranty, so no matter how far you’re travelling, you’re covered.

The best part, though, is that Drivetech 4x4 offer top quality without the matching price-tag. Their hardparts and components are made by the same people who make original manufacturers genuine parts, but are just a fraction of the price!

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Drivetech 4x4 are a leading developer and distributor of quality 4WD replacement parts and accessories across Australia and New Zealand, with a huge range of parts for most popular 4WDs.

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