Drivetech 4x4 Air Compressor Kits and Tyre Accessories

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Correct tyre pressure is one of the most important factors in 4WDing. With an air compressor, tyre deflator and repair kit onboard, you will be ready to take the pressure down on the track and back up again before you hit the bitumen.

Drivetech 4x4 now offer an air compressor kit and a range of handy accessories.

With 180 litre per minute flow rate, 6.5 metres of rubber hose with snap on/off fittings and an inflator/deflator, this compressor has everything you need for a successful day. It can even pump up a football, or a blow up mattress when you are out for the long haul.

The quick tyre deflator will ensure you can drop your tyre pressures quickly, accurately and easily, and also comes in a protective storage pouch.

The tyre repair kit comes in a handy case and has everything you need to fix that annoying puncture in the bush. It comes with the reaming tool, a replacement shaft, insert tool with a spare replacement shaft, 20 plugs, tub of glue and a knife to cut away the excess.

Air Compressor Kit [DT-COMPKIT]


The complete air compressor kit in a heavy duty bag with spare pockets for handy storage.

The kit contains:

  • Air Compressor (complete with 2m power cord with battery clamps and 6.5m rubber air hose with snap fittings)
  • Tyre Repair Kit
  • Tyre Deflator

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Air Compressor [DT-COMPRESSOR]


  • 180L/min Air Compressor
  • Working pressure - 40psi
  • Maximum pressure - 150psi
  • Pistol grip inflator trigger with inbuilt deflator
  • 2m power cord with battery clamps
  • 6.5m rubber air hose with snap fittings
  • Duty cycle is 15min (at 24°C) with five minute cool down time
  • 12 volt - 45amp
  • Heavy duty bag with pockets

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Tyre Deflator [DT-DEFLATOR]


  • Ideal for quick and easy deflation 
  • Easy to use all-in-one mechanism
  • Rubber protection sleeve around gauge head
  • Handy protective storage pouch

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Tyre Repair Kit [DT-4X4TRP]


  • Includes all tools required to repair a puncture
  • Includes 20 plugs
  • Handy plastic storage case

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Drivetech 4x4 are a leading developer and distributor of quality 4WD replacement parts and accessories across Australia and New Zealand, with a huge range of parts for most popular 4WDs. To find your nearest stockist CLICK HERE.


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