Drivetech 4x4 Performance Exhaust Systems

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Benefits of the Drivetech 4x4 Performance Exhaust System


Whilst many turbo diesels have 2 ¼” systems, Drivetech 4x4 Performance Exhaust Systems are all 3” which means greater airflow. Greater airflow leads to more power.

Other features of the Drivetech 4x4 Performance Exhaust Systems include:

  • Ease of fitment across a range of vehicles
  • 100% mandrel bent as opposed to press bent. This means the diameter of the tube is constant from the dump pipe to the tail pipe resulting in smoother, more efficient flow which keeps performance up.
  • Aluminised steel to deal with everything from towing, offroad and highway driving

Systems have been assembled using high quality components:

  • Dump pipe
    • TIG welded
    • mandrel bent quality dump pipes
    • laser cut
    • flange plates (10mm thick) 3” dump pipes
  • Catalytic converters
    • efficient diesel catalytic converter (some lower grade systems use a petrol catalytic converter to save money)
    • diesel cats have platinum coating so the correct emissions cleaning process can occur
  • Flex Joint
    • 2 ply internal braiding
    • 304 grade stainless steel
  • Muffler
    • glass packed
    • locked seam
    • double skin for toughness and durability
    • mandrel bent internals
    • 6mm thickness tube for durability
    • The muffler controls the exhaust gas expansion rate which controls back pressure against the turbine wheel so more power and less fuel used

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